About OlympusHerb Ltd.

Olympus Herb Ltd. facilities / Εγκατασάσεις.

In 2012 a small group of people, passionate about herbs, commenced a reasearch of the variety and cultivation of herbs.

After a careful selection of variety and ideal sites in the most untouched locations of Greece, in 2014 the first planting took place, while in 2016 we started our first co-operation with independent growers. Our love for Mountain Tea has always been there!

In December 2016 OlympusHerb IKE, a processing and packaging company, was established aiming at the optimization of quality in all levels of production, from the mountain to the cup.

The process of cultivation, collection and drying are perrormed in the most natural way, without machines and with zero environmental footprint. At the company's facilities we follow the most efficient ways to ensure the clarity and purity of our products at all levels of production.

The company is certified by the following

  • ISO 22000 for food safety
  • Bio Certificate
  • Barcode GS1

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