Mountain Herbal Tea and Health

Olympus Herb / Mountain herbal tea as Health supplement.

“May your food be thy medicine and thy medicine be your food”

Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.), Father of western Medicine

Today, almost 300 years after being recorded for the first time, sideritis scardica is still the King of herbs which grow in the near-mediteranean countries. Its rich aroma and special properties make it an essential and ideally everyday element of the world-famous mediteranean diet.

Without caffeine, a great aroma and a ripe taste, Greek herbal mountain tea is our every day relaxing companion against stress and modern rhythm of life.

Nutrition values per 100ml.
Energy < 5Kcal
Fat < 0,2g
of which saturates < 0,2g
Carbohydrate < 0,2g
of which sugars < 0,2g
Proteins < 0,2g
Salt < 0,2g

A constantly growing number of laboratory studies defines its ingredients and focuses on the effect they might have on the human body. It has been confirmed that Mountain Tea contains a plethora of ingredients, such as flavonoids, diterpenes, phenylpropanes, iridoids and monoterpenes.

Recent research confirm the antioxidant, anti-inflamatory, antimicrobial and analgesic action of these substances.

More specificaly:

  • The University of Magdeburg, headed by proffessorof Neurology and and Magdeburg Research Centre for Neurological Diseases, Jens Pahnk started a fight against Altzheimer using Mountain Tea, after a seven year research. The resultsare more than encouraging. More specificly, when given to mice for 25 days it restricts brain damage by almost 80%. The best next results came from the ingredient Thiethylperazin, which reached 70%. In the next two years the scientific team of Magdeburg has the ambition of creating a drug made of Greek tea (“sideritis scardica” in particular, mainly grown in Macedonia, Greece) in the form of a pill.
  • Studies of a scientific research team from the Universities of Patras and Ioannina examining the composition of the beverage deriving from sideritis clandestina have shown that is has anti-inflamatory and anti-oxidant, analgesic properties owed to the different glycosides of apigenin, which can be found in abundance. In experiments with rats it was confirmed that the anti-oxidant defence of areas of the brain were reinforced to those consuming Mountain tea beverage for 6 weeks. It also seemed to fight stress. Thus, you have a side-effect free anxiolytic, unlike any other.
  • The essential oil of Mountain Tea is especially effective against microbes due to its consistency in carbadrol.
  • According to a study conducted by the University of Athens, Mountain Tea extract (sideritis) can contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis, as well as protect against the loss of bone mass and reinforce the mechanic endurance of the bones.